Welcome to RX Price Index™...A unique online Database delivering the pricing transparency to inform you of the pricing environment across Europe.


Coverage comprises 17 European countries plus Iceland, Macedonia, Serbia and Switzerland. Further countries and historic data are added on a monthly basis.

The RX Pricing Index allows you to view prices in a major currency (Pound, Dollar, Euro) for easier comparison between multiple countries.

All of the data present in the RX Pricing Index is sourced from Public Medicinal Databases that are usually supported by the local health authority and are regularly updated to include any new products or deletions from the available prescription only medicines (POM) list.

Product Launch Sequencing

Picking the right market for a new product entry, so that it delivers the highest reference price is a key component of any successful Pan-European product launch. The RX Pricing Index will help you make informed decisions on choosing a market that will be predisposed to accept a higher price point on first launch of product by providing current and historical product prices for the different formulations of the therapeutic class you are interested in.

Health Technology Assessments (HTA)

Tip the health technology assessment in your favour!

With increasing awareness of the spending and budgeting around disease groups by the health authorities RX Price Index will help you:

Establish a benchmark based on pharmaceutical treatment and on multiple formulations

Facilitate comparison across the market by providing all the data in ex-manufacture price and with the same currency across the market (Pounds, Euro or Dollars)

Market Profile - Competitive Landscape

Step in front of the competition when deciding to In-Licence or develop a new product!

RX Price Index will provide:

Price points for products across our covered countries to provide a full landscape of a competitive market

Monthly updates to keep you up to date with how the market is changing

Provides solid starting grounds for forecast and product evaluation across our covered countries