Welcome to RX Price Index™...delivering the pricing transparency to inform your competitive environment across Europe

The RX Price Index™ is a European pharmaceutical pricing database that helps pharma companies effectively set prices for their new prescription products.


Covering 20 countries, the index allows users to search by brand, generic name/active ingredient or even Manufacturer to produce a list of available products by strength, pack size and ex-factory price. Database also allows to search historical product prices.


One of the biggest challenges in launching a new pharmaceutical product across Europe is to get the price point correct. What better way to support your pricing strategy than by comprehensively mapping out the price levels for competing pharmaceutical products currently in your proposed therapeutic class and know in which country the product is being sold!


With over 10,000,000 product details in one place, the RX Price Index™ will enable you to search across EU regional markets for a specific product or allow you to map out the competitive environment for your product. This is an invaluable tool for pricing and reimbursement specialists to support global product launch sequencing, therapeutic landscape analysis and competitive value propositions.


The RX Price Index™ database covers 20 member state countries of the European Union plus Switzerland. The index enables you to see prices in the original local currency or if you prefer, convert prices to a single currency of your choice using the prevailing exchange rate of the day.

Product data and pricing information within the index is sourced from publically available published medicinal databases. These databases are usually supported by the health authority in the country and are updated regularly to include any new products or deletions from the available prescription only medicines (POM) list.

Product Launch Sequencing

Picking the right market to enter first, that will deliver the highest reference price, is a key component of any successful pan-European product launch.To eliminate some of the guess work, RX Price index can identify across all EU markets the various price points for different formulations of comparative technology or therapeutic class. This will provide a historical reference to which countries will be more likely to accept a higher price point for a similar product. This could be a valuable insight to use when developing your regulatory plans prior to approval and your launch forecast.  

Health Technology Assessments (HTA)

With a push by the health authorities to deliver savings and better outcomes, all new products wanting to launch in the EU will need to show how it stacks up against the current standard of care. To quantify these added benefits over the current treatment, the RX Price Index can help establish the benchmark for the current pharmaceutical treatment with the ex-factory price points, of every formulation for each market, in the local currency.

Market Profile - Competitive Landscape

When looking to in-licence or develop a new product for an existing therapeutic class, it’s important to understand the price points for similar in-market products to provide you a holistic view of the competitive environment. With updates each month, the RX Price Indexcan provide you these timely updates on any price movements for your competitors across the EU and a starting point for any forecast or product valuation.